Conferences and Events

MCB Convention

October 6th–8th, 2017, Kansas City, Missouri

The annual MCB Convention brings together our membership to take care of business, hold elections, and much more. Seminars, workshops and presentations designed to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired are also featured. Vendors and exhibitors display the latest technological aids for the blind, member’s display and sell arts and crafts, along with several social gatherings, awards banquet and youth banquet.

MCB White Cane Walk

Held each year on White Cane Saftey Day the MCB White Cane Walk is a state-wide event that reaches out to educate and inform the general public of the white cane saftey laws and what the white cane stands for.

MCB Legislative Days

Each year MCB members from all over the state travel to the State Capitol in Jefferson City to communicate the latest issues facing blind Missourians to our State Senators and Representatives. Make plans to join us this coming February and make your voice heard.